Burton Planning Services was formed in 2008 by Kimberly Burton, P.E., AICP CTP, LEED AP ND. Since 2008, BPS has grown into a firm of over 15 people.  The key planning and environmental staff are listed below:


Kimberly Burton, P.E., AICP CTP, LEED AP ND  |  President/Owner linkedin     

Contact Kim Burton: kburton@burtonplanning.com

Ms. Burton is an experienced program and project manager, in addition to a professional engineer, certified planner with an advanced specialty in transportation planning, and accredited professional in LEED Neighborhood Development. She has 17 years of experience working in the public and private sectors. Ms. Burton also teaches energy, sustainability & resiliency planning courses in City & Regional Planning at the Ohio State University. During her career, Ms. Burton has worked on a wide variety of planning, engineering, and environmental projects. Her skillsets include city and transportation planning, community & economic development, grants, environmental documents, noise & air quality analyses, safety studies, and public involvement activities.


Kim Littleton, AICP |  Community Planning Manager linkedin

Contact Kim Littleton: klittleton@burtonplanning.com

Mr. Littleton is a practicing urban planner with his AICP certification and over 30 years of experience working on planning projects at all levels of local government, including villages, cities, townships, and counties. He has completed numerous comprehensive and urban design plans and economic feasibility studies. He has administered and drafted award-winning community development regulations, managed multiple physical planning projects, and led a variety of public involvement activities. Mr. Littleton has a Bachelor of Urban Planning and Design and a Masters of Business Administration; he is a graduate of the Form Based Codes Institute. He has also completed ODOT’s Traffic Academy course for Safety Studies.


Elvin Pinckney  |  Senior Environmental Specialist linkedin

Contact Elvin Pinckney: epinckney@burtonplanning.com

Mr. Pinckney has 42 years of experience in the public and private sectors. He previously served as the Program Manager of ODOT’s Noise & Air Quality Program, and he is a nationally-recognized noise and air quality professional. During his time at ODOT, he was involved in every major traffic noise study and noise barrier constructed in Ohio for over 3 decades. In addition, he provided technical and policy assistance to federal and state departments of transportation, legislators, researchers, other governmental agencies, consultants, and the public; and he authored the original ODOT noise policy and subsequent updates. While at BPS, Mr. Pinckney has gained additional experience in safety studies, traffic counts, existing conditions evaluations, speed and delay studies, public involvement activities and ecological fieldwork.


Brent Macolley |  Environmental Project Manager linkedin

Contact Brent Macolley: bmacolley@burtonplanning.com

Mr. Macolley has 6 years of experience in the environmental sciences profession. He has 2 Bachelors of Science degrees, one in Environmental Science and the second in Business. He has experience in managing and performing ecological studies, wetland delineations, stream and wetland permitting, and threatened and endangered species surveys. Brent has completed both the ORAM and HHEI trainings through the Ohio EPA as well as the Ecological Survey training through ODOT. In addition to his responsibilities at BPS, Brent is also the Research Facility Manager at OSU’s Olentangy River Wetland Research Park.


Elliott Doza  |  Transportation Planner  linkedin

Contact Elliott Doza: edoza@burtonplanning.com

Mr. Doza is an active transportation planner with over 9 years of experience in urban and regional planning with a focus on transit planning and is certified by the American Institute of City Planners. He has a Masters of City and Regional Planning from The Ohio State University emphasizing foundational planning skills, qualitative and quantitative analysis and research methods. Mr. Doza’s skillsets include project management, public presentation and speaking, data analysis, Title VI and Environmental Justice Policy, and map design. He has completed training in metropolitan transportation planning, transportation and land use planning, as well as instruction from the National Transit Institute.


Melissa Burris  |  Communications Manager linkedin

Contact Melissa Burris: mburris@burtonplanning.com

Ms. Burris has over 10 years of experience working as a graphic designer and has gained experience in public involvement with BPS. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design and is an advanced user of Adobe Creative Suite. She has extensive experience with designing graphics, images, layouts, handouts and reports that effectively and aesthetically translate information to clients and the public.


Michael Blau, LCI  |  Transportation Planner linkedin

Contact Michael Blau: mblau@burtonplanning.com

Mr. Blau is an active transportation planner with 5 years of experience in bicycle, pedestrian, and transit planning. He is a Certified Instructor for the League of American Bicyclists, and has a background in city planning, public health, and community engagement. Mr. Blau has collaborated with municipalities, state agencies, nonprofits, transportation authorities, research institutes, and regional planning organizations on a range of projects, from city-wide bikeway planning to neighborhood walking programs. He has a master’s degree in City & Regional Planning from the Ohio State University, where he wrote his thesis on Driverless Vehicles’ Potential Influence on Cyclist and Pedestrian Facility Preferences. He presented on this subject at the Transportation Research Board’s Annual Meeting, and at the American Society of Highway Engineers’ Ohio Chapter Spring Technical Seminar.


David Snelting, P.E.  |  Senior Traffic Engineer linkedin

Contact Dave Sneltingdsnelting@burtonplanning.com

Mr. Snelting is a professional engineer and an experienced traffic engineer. He served as the City Engineer for the City of Steubenville, Ohio for 18 years, and he worked at the Montgomery County Engineer’s office for 14 years. Mr. Snelting brings a wide variety of traffic and roadway engineering services to BPS. His skillsets include roadway engineering, travel demand modeling, traffic studies, traffic safety studies, and traffic signal design.  He has completed a variety of safety studies, signal warrants, and traffic studies for BPS.


Lindsey Elam  |  Community Planner linkedin

Contact Lindsey Elamlelam@burtonplanning.com

Ms. Elam is a community planner with three years of experience. She received a bachelor’s degree in social work in 2015 and master’s degree in city and regional planning in 2017, both from the Ohio State University. She has extensive knowledge in community engagement and outreach strategies, as well as research. Ms. Elam recently joined the BPS team this year. Previously, she has worked on a range of community outreach, research, and public health related projects. She also has experience in providing design and technical services on site design, building and planning projects.


Alyssa Sexton  |  Environmental Planner linkedin

Contact Alyssa Sexton: asexton@burtonplanning.com

Ms. Sexton is an environmental and urban planner with four years of experience in planning for strong, resilient communities. She has experience in both the public and private sector in a range of planning efforts including environmental planning and assessment, comprehensive, strategic and vision planning, and area and campus planning. She received a bachelor’s degree in city and regional planning in 2014 and is currently pursuing masters’ degrees in city and regional planning and environment and natural resources, all from the Ohio State University. As an environmental planner, Ms. Sexton appreciates the importance of planning for the health of our natural resources but also recognizes people and prosperity are just as vital in creating sustainable, healthy communities.