Dayton Transportation Plan 2040

Transportation Planning

Client: City of Dayton, Ohio

The City of Dayton sought a visionary plan that would serve as a guide for the design of transportation projects for the next 25 years. Economic and population changes are just some of the trends that have led to an increased demand for alternative and active modes of transportation. Dayton Transportation Plan 2040 uses the concept of Complete Streets to guide the city towards a more multi-modal, livable travel environment that welcomes all users.

BPS created a set of typologies customized to Dayton’s unique roadway features (e.g. industrial streets and commuter streets). Each typology has a set of recommended Complete Street elements based on ROW, pavement width, traffic volumes and speeds, proximity to pedestrian generators, and a number of other factors. A step-by-step methodology for identifying and prioritizing Complete Street projects is included in the plan infrastructure.

During the study, BPS utilized a variety of public outreach methods to involve the community, from public meetings and stakeholder committee meetings, to bicycle and walking tours throughout many of the neighborhoods, to online social media outreach and interaction.

The City is in the process of adopting this plan and is updating their internal policies, practices, and CIP to encourage seamless implementation of the plan. The City will also continue to pursue grants and work with new development and redevelopment projects for increment implementation of Complete Streets concepts throughout the City. The Implementation Chapter outlines a group of short, medium, and long-term efforts to pursue, including ‘showcase” projects to continue the momentum behind the Complete Streets efforts.

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