ODOT Transportation Systems Management & Operations (TSMO) Plan

Transportation Planning

Client: Ohio Department of Transportation

BPS, Gannett Fleming, and ODOT developed the Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) Plan. The plan will serve as a road map to allow the Department to continue its transformation into an operations-oriented organization. It will serve as the basis for statewide policy and process changes aimed at increasing the focus and execution of traffic operations to better meet future system needs. The project required an ongoing, iterative process that evaluated strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within the context of other agency plans and initiatives while taking into consideration relationships and interactions with stakeholders.

This effort included:
• ODOT benchmarking tour data
• ODOT staff interviews and surveys
• Technical Advisory and Steering Committee input
• District and Technical Advisory Committee Workshops
• National research and best practices
• Communications Plan
• Planning Tools development (TOAST, Policy Action tool)

A number of foundational technical documents and supporting reports were also developed, including:
1. Goals and Objectives – setting the direction for the program
2. Setting the Stage – what ODOT is doing, national best practices and resource catalog
3. Resource Alignment – recommendations for aligning ODOT resources to support TSMO
4. Policy Action – recommended policy actions to establish, develop and maintain a TSMO program
5. Performance Measures – measures and targets for assessing the effectiveness of the TSMO program
6. Early Action Implementation Plan – recommended immediate actions to move the TSMO program forward
7. Communications Plan – create awareness of TSMO benefits for ODOT personnel and stakeholders
8. Climate Variability – linking climate impacts to operations
9. Environmental Justice – identifying EJ populations along the STS
10. Workshop and Interview Reports – summaries and analysis of discussions with ODOT staff

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