Highland County Coordinated Transit Plan


Welcome to the website for the Highland County Coordinated Transit Plan!  This website will remain up-to-date with information regarding the planning process. This website will provide links to presentations, live meetings, surveys, and more. Please check back often for updates.


The Coordinated Transit Plan is a four-year coordinated plan designed for Public and Human Services Transportation. The purpose of the Plan is to evaluate the community characteristics, stakeholder assessment, inventory of existing transportation services, and list goals and priorities for Highland County, Ohio.

Through surveys with human service agencies and transportation providers, demographic analysis, local public meetings, and a community survey, this Plan provides a description of the unmet transportation needs in Highland County. This effort is the foundation for a series of approaches to address the current and projected unmet transportation needs of people with low incomes, older adults, individuals with disabilities, and the general public. The intent of this document is to create a guide for local decision-makers as they consider advances in the coordination of transportation resources.

Learn more about the Highland County Coordinated Transit Plan by reviewing the 2018 Plan:

Throughout the planning process, there will be multiple opportunities for stakeholders and members of the public to participate. Check back frequently for updates.

Public Survey – Community Transportation Needs

Public Forum – Community Transportation Needs

HARTS Transportation Committee/Countywide Coordinating Committee Meeting #1: May 13, 2021

Thank you for participating in the first Public Forum at either 12 PM or 6 PM! You can access the meeting materials below:

12 PM Meeting:

6 PM Meeting: