The City of Livingston has begun a process to update to the 2017 Growth Policy. The City seeks to update the Growth Policy to reflect the needs and desires of the community and to provide meaningful guidance for the City for future land use decisions. 

On October 1, 2019, the City Commission passed a resolution to hire Burton Planning Services (the consultant) to perform the update. Major steps will include collecting and analyzing information pertinent to all facets of the Growth Policy such as economy, housing, land use, local services, population, public facilities, natural resources, transportation, intergovernmental coordination, policies and regulations, and more. The consultant and the City are meeting this week to kick off the Growth Policy Update process.

The process will continue through September 2020 when adoption is anticipated. In the meantime, opportunities will be available to provide input on goals and components of the Growth Policy.

Project Team

City of Livingston
Michael Kardoes, City Manager
Jim Woodhull, Director of Building, Planning & Code Enforcement
Faith Kinnick, Administrative Assistant

Burton Planning Services (BPS)
Amelia Mansfield, Planning Manager (Project Manager)
Kimberly Burton, President
Jim Lenner, Community & Economic Development Director
Anna van der Zwaag, Associate Planner
Brett Morris, Associate Planner

Applied Communications
Kate McMahon, Principal

Project Timeline