What is a Growth Policy?

  • A growth policy is an official public document that is intended to guide future social, physical, environmental, and economic growth and development of a jurisdiction.
  • A growth policy is required by the State of Montana as outlined by the Montana Revised Code.

What is the purpose of Livingston’s Growth Policy Update?

  • It will serve as an integral land use planning guidance tool as the community, including the 2-mile extraterritorial jurisdiction, grows and develops.
  • It will reflect the desires and needs of the community as well as the existing and future capacity of the City’s infrastructure, economy, and natural environment.
  • It will name the best locations for growth and assist the City with ensuring that development and investment occurs appropriately.

What topics will the Growth Policy address?

  • Economy
  • Housing
  • Intergovernmental Coordination
  • Land Use
  • Local Services
  • Natural Resources
  • Policies, Regulations, and Other Measures
  • Population
  • Public Facilities
  • Transportation

What is the timeline for Livingston’s Growth Policy Update?

Project kickoff and initial collection of informationOctober – December 2019
Survey, community meeting, & establish goals and objectivesDecember 2019 – March 2020
Project growth trends, identify needs, & community meetingMarch – July 2020
Update the Growth PolicyJuly – October 2020
Finalize the Growth Policy & adoptOctober 2020 – May 2021

How can I be involved?

Visit the Community Participation page for information on meetings and other ways to provide your input.