Education & Public Engagement Services

Our Approach

Education and public engagement are an integral part of any project because no matter the project, it is imperative that people understand information. We approach public engagement in an inclusive manner. Our goal is to relay information and gather input to a wide range of audiences through different venues and formats. We understand that people have different ways they prefer to be engaged and strive to offer a variety of engagement strategies to meet those needs, ensuring equitable access to information and empowering stakeholders and members of the public to participate in the project development process.

For our education services, we utilize established instructional design techniques and methods to ensure the client is engaged throughout the process, has the opportunity to offer feedback at key points during development, and receives a final product that meets expectations in every way. Our goal is to create an educational product that truly enhances the learners’ understanding of the subject and engages them in the learning process by identifying and connecting goals and learning objectives to course content, integrating knowledge assessments, and creating interactive exercises.

Our Expertise

BPS’ education & public engagement expertise is wide-ranging and comprehensive. We have experienced staff who can conduct all aspects of public engagement, including developing the initial public and stakeholder engagement plans, preparing outreach and promotional materials, coordinating different types of meetings and other engagement activities, and attending and facilitating those meetings and activities.  Our staff are also highly experienced in educational services, from instructor-led trainings, both in-person and virtual, to e-learning modules and educational videos.  We can create the instructional design plans for the courses, develop and produce them, and serve as the instructors.  We are highly proficient with multiple e-learning platforms, software packages, and in-person and virtual methods.

We offer additional value-added support services, including data visualization & infographics, communications strategies, website development & updates, social media communications, and drone aerial imagery collection.

Our Services


Course Development, Training & E-Learning


Public & Stakeholder Engagement Plans
Meeting Coordination & Facilitation
Outreach & Promotional Materials
Data Visualization & Infographics
Communications Strategies
Website Development & Updates
Social Media Communications
Drone Aerial Imagery Collection

Integration of Services

Planning is an inherently integrative process, and our 3 service areas are often included in community planning and development projects.

Community Planning & Development
Multi-Modal Transportation Planning
Environmental & Resiliency Planning

Project Highlights