Community Planning & Development Services

Our Approach

BPS customizes community planning and development projects for clients in urban, suburban, and rural areas through our in-depth knowledge and skills related to land use, infrastructure, the environment, and economic development. From site plans and corridor studies to community-wide comprehensive plans and growth policies, BPS offers a complete set of services to meet our clients’ community planning and development needs. BPS is able to assess current conditions, work with the community to identify their vision and goals, and form a unified, usable, and relevant strategy, plan, policy, or program to assist the community in addressing its needs and goals for the future.

BPS’ assessment, engagement, and planning efforts hinge on understanding the culture and local context of the community and facilitating input from local leaders, stakeholders, and the public. The processes we facilitate and the resultant products help a community become more sustainable for its people, the local economy, the surrounding natural environment.

Our Expertise

With our community planning and development expertise, we can focus on planning for a certain location or planning for a specific topic. For locations, Neighborhood & Area Plans and Downtown & Corridor Revitalization Plans include a fine level of detail with renderings and other multi-dimensional visualizations. Comprehensive plans look at many factors affecting and influenced by local policies and quality of life goals. For specific topics, Age-Friendly Planning takes a comprehensive look at a community through the lens of ensuring that people can remain in a community and receive the required services and amenities throughout their lifespan. More topic-specific efforts include equity strategies, economic development programs & strategies, and land uses plans/grow policies.

Other areas of our expertise are more implementation-focused, including zoning code updates, funding strategies & grant writing, and community identity branding. These types of projects can move planning from paper into reality, directly shaping a community’s future and effecting meaningful change in the present.

Our Services


Community Sustainability Initiatives
Rural & Small Town Planning
Equity Strategies


Comprehensive Plans
Land Use Planning / Growth Policies
Neighborhood & Area Plans
Downtown & Corridor Revitalization Plans
Funding Strategies & Grant Writing
Economic Development Programs & Strategies
Community Development Programs & Policies
Zoning Code Updates
Age-Friendly Planning
Community Identity Branding

Integration of Services

Planning is an inherently integrative process, and our 3 service areas are often included in community planning and development projects.

Multi-Modal Transportation Planning
Environmental & Resiliency Planning
Education & Public Engagement

Project Highlights